Copywriting and Marketing Services for Certified Sustainable Forestry and Forest Products

You understand the benefits of forest certification…but do your prospects?

You have invested a lot in sustainable forest certification: you’ve changed business processes and practices, invested in training and equipment, engaged with communities, and opened your operations to third party audits.

You believe that certification is the right thing to do for forests and the planet, and your dedication shows in your approach to business decisions and operations – every single day.

But let’s face it. While you’re committed to sustainable forests, you’re first and foremost a business. This means that you need sustainable profits to keep doing the good you do for healthy forests today and tomorrow.

Are you getting the return on investment from sustainable forest certification that you deserve?

It can be an uphill battle to convince prospects to buy “green” when there are cheaper options out there. And it’s even harder when some organizations wrongly point to forestry as a major cause of deforestation.

Add to this that certification systems are hard to explain and use scientific and technical jargon, and it’s no wonder customers and corporate buyers find it hard to understand the benefits of certification to the environment, forest communities, and most importantly - themselves.

This may be surprising to you, but it’s not the sound science behind sustainable forest management that has the biggest influence on what to buy; it’s emotion.

Don’t get me wrong, science is important. But the head follows the heart: your prospect needs to see how your product meets their needs or solves their problem first. And if they can’t, the price tag can easily override your certification logo when it comes to their buying decisions.

So what’s the answer?

Clear, plain-language writing that explains the benefits of sustainable forest certification in a way that is meaningful to your prospects.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Wendy Ripmeester, and I provide marketing and copywriting services to certified forestry and forest product companies. I’ve studied forestry and communications, so I understand the science behind sustainable forest certification, AND I can explain it in a way that makes an emotional connection with your prospect without sounding like green wash (which it isn’t).

I’m also your client:

  • the mom buying paper towels and tissues to clean messes and wipe runny noses;
  • the small business owner looking to minimize costs while doing what’s best for the environment;
  • the home owner undertaking renovations where certified forest products are one choice among many others;
  • the member of the public who’s concerned about the forest legacy we’re leaving our children;
  • and the donor swamped with calls from many wonderful and worthwhile charities and associations…

So I not only “get” your business, I understand your clients' needs. And I can explain the benefits of your sustainable forest products, services and processes in a clear way that converts prospects into buyers, members, donors and raving fans!

When your copy makes sense, it makes you dollars – and it helps the planet, too!

To see what I can do for you, visit my Services page, or Contact me right now to set up a free, no obligation consultation.

By the way, if you’re an accredited forest certification auditor, non-profit, association, or research organization with more than a passing interest in sustainable forest certification, I can help.  Visit my Services page or explain your requirement in the Contact form, and let’s talk about it.

Wendy Ripmeester, M.Sc.F.
Copywriting and Editing Services for Sustainable Forest Certification

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