Just like the most valuable forest products, the AHA moment to become a sustainable forest certification copywriter took decades...

Reap the benefits of my writing and marketing experience to grow your business.

"She writes well, which is a joy to me...,” my graduate supervisor wrote, responding to my application to the Master of Science in Forestry (M.Sc.F.) program at the University of Toronto.

Fresh from Ottawa’s Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Political Science, grad school planted the seed for a future in clear communication of complex ideas in science and sustainable resource management.

My writing skills were nurtured as a forestry consultant in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. It was here I realized my preferred tools of the trade – and those I used best – were the word processor and thesaurus instead of the basal area prism and DBH tape. And I put them to work; crafting persuasive proposals, marketing materials and forest resource management plans to stimulate sustainable profits for the company - and sustainable practices in the forest.

Then the travel bug bit. I volunteered and lived with a local family for 3 months in the verdant pine forests in the mountain village of Mazamitla, Mexico. Even there, I migrated to the town’s only computer to create tree nursery seed trial and research reports, and marketing materials for peach and lily grower cooperatives.

Back home I took up the charge - and my pen - as a volunteer with the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, the Ottawa Forests Advisory Committee, and the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Institute of Forestry: to explain forest science and management in plain language for landowners and city counselors; to draw professional foresters to continuing education events; and to engage the public in celebrating National Forest Week.

White papers, web site content, presentations and speeches became my preoccupation with the Canadian federal public service; on mining, sustainable resource development, science and technology policy, strategic planning, and mapping.

Working in the public sector introduced me to the persuasive power of well-crafted email messages and strategic plain language communications to grab the attention of senior executives and politicians. My ability to pare down volumes of research into the bare essentials - just the facts, ma'am - earned me the title of “Briefing Note Queen”.

Then one day I discovered American Writers and Artists Incorporated (AWAI). And I was finally able to put a label on the part of my job that I’ve been doing all along, and that I loved so much: copywriting.

Put that together with a passion for science, nature and sustainability, and "AHA" - that's me: a Sustainable Forest Certification Copywriter.

I consumed AWAI's direct response copywriting program, and stay current as a member of the Professional Writer's Alliance - the writer's equivalent to the forester's silver ring.

Want to find out how my experience can work for you?

Contact me now to inquire about my copywriting services - my passion. I can’t wait to meet you and talk about yours.

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