What people say about Wendy

"Every once in a while during the course of a career, you meet a few special individuals who possess all of the attributes that will lead to a highly successful career of their own.  Wendy Ripmeester is one of these few highly talented people with whom I had the pleasure to interact in the workplace and later observe her development from a distance.

The first thing you notice about Wendy are her interpersonal abilities. She is at ease with colleagues, peers and superiors. She also has very strong communication skills, both one-on-one and addressing an audience.

It would be unfair to stop here without mentioning Wendy’s personal and professional qualities. She is full of energy and does not hesitate to get involved as a volunteer or with stakeholders. She is always looking for solutions thanks to her knowledge of complex issues and her skills as an analyst.

Finally, I would add that Wendy has proven to be a very good people manager. She knows how to get the best from everybody by recognizing their skills and interests. This has enabled her to have enormous success at working with different groups including from the Aboriginal community, industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations."

- Dr. Yvan Hardy, Assistant Deputy Minister, Canadian Forest Service and Chief Scientist, Natural Resources Canada (retired)

“I worked with Wendy when we were both on the executive of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, Ottawa Chapter. She was head of the Chapter and an energetic and creative leader; effective and good with people. Most recently she has generously provided a very detailed examination of our Ontario Woodlot Association website, giving very valuable advice about how we could make it more effective.”

 - Tony Bull, Registered Professional Forester (RPF)

"Wendy continues to be an active and valued member of the eastern Ontario professional community. She has shown a genuine interest and concern for the people, communities and the natural environment of this area and beyond. As a supporter of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest she played an important role in its development and evolution, becoming a board member in 2002. An innovative, collaborative organization drawing together those with an interest in sustainable forestry – including industry, government, first nations and landowners – the perspectives of participants represented around the Model Forest table were extremely diverse. Wendy’s keen listening skills, creativity, capacity for solid problem solving, and very approachable manner were extremely helpful in the consensus-based decision-making that characterized our organization. She was well respected and sought out for her input by a variety of teams including communications and science. More recently she provided helpful insight and advice to the Canadian Model Forest Network. It has always been a welcomed opportunity to work with Wendy."

- Brian Barkley, Registered Professional Forester (RPF), Past- President, Canadian Model Forest Network, and founding General Manager, Eastern Ontario Model Forest 

“Wendy always comes to mind when I want to deliver a presentation with a punch – something that will be eye catching and memorable.  Wendy produced one of the best, most visually appealing presentation decks I have ever used.  It had bar charts with flames as the bars – perfect for a presentation on the increased risk of forest fires in Southeast Asia due to climate change!  Wendy knows how to capture the essence of your message and deliver it in a way that reflects who you are and how you want to be understood.  You can’t go wrong with Wendy.

 - Carla Hogan Rufelds, Registered Professional Forester (RPF)

“While representing the domestic U.S hardrock mining industry to an international natural resource dialogue, Wendy was a valuable a source of expertise on sustainable development. She impressed me with her capability to communicate that expertise in concise, informed presentation and discussion. Wendy’s focus on details of the consultation, research, communication, and implementation aspects to enhance sustainable development across multiple resource industries was exemplary.”

 - Glenn M. Eurick, Environmental Engineer

“Wendy and I worked together to promote sustainable development in Canada’s minerals and metals sector. Her integrity and innovative approach inspired cutting edge policy efforts as we reached out to many and diverse stakeholders. Her solid and relentless research was the foundation for concise policy output and effective messaging.”

- Robert Gougeon

“Hiring Wendy is one of the best things you will ever do for your organization. You will receive value far and above any price you will pay as she is highly intelligent and personable, a great writer, an extremely hard worker and is fully dedicated to anyone she works for. I've known and worked with Wendy for over 10 years and would not hesitate to hire her for any job.”

- Hashm Nasser

“Wendy was a close and highly respected colleague of mine. Her primary and highly challenging responsibilities included developing integrated science and policy products such as divisional planning and reporting frameworks to meet the requirements of Government of Canada central agencies and senior executives. As daunting as this challenge was, Wendy accepted and delivered on every task with completeness, accuracy, and quality, and did so with dignity and grace. Simply put, Wendy was the “right person” for the job!”

 - Ed Szakowski

“Wendy was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely reliable and always gave her best effort to any task that was assigned to her. Her positive attitude and easy-going manner made the office a very pleasant workplace.”

- Michele Rodrick

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